Real Estate Marketing Tips by DC Fawcett

The internet has made a massive change to the way by which real estate marketing functions in the present scenario.  The usual options of advertising and promotional ventures are no more visible. One can purchase an advertisement in the newspaper, but it will attract only those who have a subscription for a newspaper.


  • Advertisement inclined to the media

Our ways of using the internet lead to the split of the digital expanse, and no two individuals observe the same pair of information similarly.  The entire world is inclined towards the media.  Nowadays, advertising does not function well as it once used to do.  It is less probable that people will come across your advertisement.  Even when they view the advertisement, they do it with much suspicion.

  • Door to door sales and cold calls – now they are obsolete

Generally people do not put up with solicitation.  Majority of the people would not opt for a real estate sales person who goes door-to-door.   It is considered as an obsolete method and also it proves to be an irritation.  There is the option of cold calls, but it is totally useless.  It happens to be useless because many people have got cell phones and there are the unlisted numbers.  Majority of the cities do not even go for printing of the home phone books, and it has turned obsolete.  The commercial phonebooks are thrown into the garbage on delivery.

  • Easy accessibility of the internet – that makes people go for it

Particularly, when someone needs information on real estate, they will opt for the most viable and direct way to access it.  Nowadays, internet has become the best way than a phonebook, and it is the case since it is more accessible.  If there is the hope of advertisement reaching the customer, it should pop up where the customer will actually come across.  In this digital world, a click on the internet site is an easy and reliable option when compared to an ad printed on the book.

  • Internet – more effective than advertising real estate in magazines

Signs and bill boards that appear outside the home prove useful, but advertisements in the trade and magazines have failed to retain their usefulness.  The variety of trade and lifestyle magazines that used to furnish real estate listings have decreased.  The magazines that perform well are actually the local newspapers.  Even the newspapers do not have much influence as the classified advertisements have shifted to the Internet.

  • Potential real estate customers – They find listings through internet search

When real estate agencies do furnish an advertisement in the local weekly papers. They focus more on marketing their agency as a dependable and reliable real estate business.  Also, they allocate space for current listings.  There are the potential customers who find the listings through online search and aggregator sites.  Currently, what print advertising methods purchases is reputation. Also they project reliability.

  • Novel ideas in the digital market

The Internet is a strong tool for those real estate agents who opt for advertisement of expertize that the purchasers are looking for.  There must be novel ideas that pop up in the digital market or else you risk wasting the money on marketing that is not very effective.


Dc Fawcett , the owner of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, has blogs which explain the growth of real estate in the internet. He has been successful in the evolving real estate scenario and remains up-to-date in the present real estate market which has gone digital.


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