A know-How for flipping houses? by DC Fawcett

The internet is abundant with puzzle pieces about flipping houses: Here are few words that form the puzzle in real estate scenario:

  • ARV
  • Staging
  • Hard Money
  • Contractors

The above words listed in bullets are pieces to the house flipping puzzle, and those pieces are highly important. However, If one is new to flipping of houses. These small pieces of information can appear like some jigsaw puzzle. That amounts to 1000 pieces which have to be assembled together.

An expert in flipping houses would not want anybody to look at flipping houses with the same hatred as looking at puzzles.

  1. Stay committed to the flip:

The initial step in any real estate venture is to stay committed. Abundant number of people would like to get into flipping of the houses.  Or they may desire being landlords, and get really excited about the very idea of becoming a landlord.  Flipping of houses is not just a hobby; it is a business that can influence your future in the economic scenario.  Be decisive that you are going to do the flipping.  Also, decide on learning everything inside out.  Only then, one should move on to the step two.

  1. Have a sound knowledge on flipping houses:

Education is pursuit for the lifetime.  Before, one takes up flipping of houses. One should be well-educated regarding the concept.  Of course, it is not recommended to go to some class for an exorbitant amount of money. The only suggestion is that one educates himself well and be keen to learn the basics of the trade. Start teaching everybody with what you know, because that is the best way to digesting what you have learnt?. Do not just skim through the surface – try to go in and make out how it works.

  1. Have a sound knowledge on the flipping mathematics

When proper calculation is not done to a flip. You will not possibly get the exact amount of money coming out of it. In a successful flip,understanding the appropriate math is the most important feature.

  1. Research of the market:

Most importantly, you will need to observe the market and decide on the appropriate place to flip.  In some vicinity, $200,000 for a home would be deadly cheap, whereas in yet other areas the $200,000 would be a very exorbitant amount. Each and every market is different, so one requires sound knowledge on the market that one flips into  Raise. These below mentioned questions to yourself:

  • Rate of average house go for?
  • How much does a bank REO go for?
  • Speedily are the properties being sold?
  • What are the places which sell speedily?
  • What types of property, size, and layouts are selling speedily?

Do a thorough study of making out and honing in on the local market. Just have a walk through the open houses, and have a meeting with local experts to make out the state of local finances.

  1. Arrange for the Flip Financing:

At this juncture, one might be excited enough to begin.  But before that, you need to raise a basic question to yourself:

In what mode you are going to pay for the flip?

There are many different strategies you can exploit to put finances into the next flip. Here are a few of the viable methods:

  • Everything as cash 

If one has the cash in the bank, one can simply write the check.  This might be the easiest way, but for majority of the people, it is not the best option.

  • Partners/Private Money

If there are people who can lend money, they may be drawn to partnering or lending money at a certain rate of interest.  Money that is private can be affordable, although getting to have private money can be arduous and legally difficult.


If you are very particular about flipping houses, just do not go through the blog alone. Educate yourself much with the concept of flipping houses.

Dc Fawcett, the founder of Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, has written on the real estate in his blogs. One could go through the blogs and get a fair idea regarding flipping houses.


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