Dc Fawcett Scam

How to avoid real estate scams?

Dc Fawcett Scam – Transaction needs to be done very carefully in Real Estate! You can’t expect all the sellers, investor and buyers to be honest with you! Read on the following article on how to avoid such scams cleverly!

Before investing in real estate you have to protect yourself from scammers who may try to deceive you in transactions. There are some smart ways to approach the process like buying, renting and selling a real estate property. The most important reason for people to get scammed in real estate transaction is their hurry. The scammers make you rush through the process since it’s the big deal for them. But you need to take your time and analyze the situation before taking the important decision.

These scammers always target on new investor since they might be not aware of many terms and real estate market techniques. How to avoid this and invest in real estate successfully?


Dc Fawcett Scam

DC Fawcett Real Estate-How-to-avoid-real-estate-scams


Different types of scams involved in real estate market

Title scams

What is title insurance of a property? The title to the property will be given through which you’ll receive the legal ownership of the property.  If there is any mistake in a will, mortgage etc. then some other person can claim that property since they might have a legal ownership of that property.

Title insurance is very essential while buying the real estate property, but few property owners might advice you not to buy it. They may not be the original owners of the property and therefore they might involve in these title scams. How to get rid of these scams? Use a reliable title Company who can give the proof that the property doesn’t have any mortgage payments or liens with it.

Rental scams

Renting houses and properties is very common in America and day to day the need for rental properties rises as more people move in and out continuously. Generally people use internet and search online for rental properties like house, apartments and buildings etc. The scammers might pose to be a real owners of the property and copy the original list of rentals from multiple listing websites. They may advertise that it is their own property and ask you to make some cash transaction.

If you are new to the city and searching for rentals for the time, then you might become their prey easily. What could be done to avoid them? Do not make any cash payment until the deal is finalized. It is the property owner’s responsibility to show the house before accommodating it. If they deny to do that, then avoid the deal at any cost.

Do not pay or wire the cash until the legal document is ready and read all the terms and conditions before signing the documents. If you have a doubt that the property listing might be a fake one, then refer to one or two multiple listing websites and confirm that the property is not being listed in all of them.

Real estate prices and their interest rates are low nowadays. Hence this is the great time to invest in this market and earn more profit. The prices may continuously decline sometimes and if you invest now in real estate, you may gain a hefty profit within the short span of time like 5 or 10 years. You can also invest in this industry by partnering with someone.

Real estate is an attractive market but there are lots of scammers too. Beware of the fact that one in every ten real estate transaction have failed due to lack of awareness. If you are new to real estate field, either surf online on how the scams work or hire an expert for guidance.


You could try out the refinance, but if it is going to be a purchase, you will require doing it with someone who can close the loan on time.  Else, an apparently good deal would turn against your favor in no time.

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