DC Fawcett Reviews – Solutions to the risks in real estate marketing


Risk is common in real estate investment and DC Fawcett reviews the risks and solutions for the investors who might come across while making an investment.

  • Location

The location of the property is very important as bad location will not attract the buyers to invest on the property. Bad location will make your property unsold or will be sold at a lesser price than expected.


  • Valuation

The returns should be higher than the investment, if it is under-value it is considered to be bad financing.

  • Purpose of the investment

The investors should have clarity on what they are going to make the investment on. Many investors lack in this aspect and don’t know how to invest the large sum gained after the investment.

In case you are looking for how to invest the sum, here are the few methods that will help

Types of investment

  • Buy and live : You can purchase a property for yourself and stay in the same place
  • Buy and sale : You can purchase a property and give it out for sale
  • Buy and rent : You can purchase the property and give it out rent

Giving out for rent/lease makes you a landlord, in that case you should have necessary skills to manage the repair, collect rent, and solve all the disputes that arise.

Each has its own pros and cons where you can study in depth in DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing blog.

  • Mortgage

Mortgage allows you to avail loan, but at the same time it has its risks involved when you fail to pay the monthly payment as it may lead you to foreclosure. The investors should keep in mind the monthly earning and calculate in such a way that he/she will not land in debt.

To avoid risk, ensure the following

  • Pay your monthly mortgage payment to the lender on time
  • Do not take loans that exceed your financial status
  • Have all your documents prepared and know the lender terms and conditions to avoid legal trouble.
  • Make use of mortgage calculator to know the best deal before meeting the lender.
  • How to choose a property for investment

As there are two ways to invest on a property, either on an entirely new constructed property or an already well established property. There are pros and cons for both but the following factors may help you out.

  • The newly constructed properties will have clear title, appropriate documents and will have the choice of customization for the investors. The risk involved are delay in possession, no information about the neighborhood, cost.
  • Before investing on the already constructed properties check for the ownership and documents.


As we talk about the risk, scam is another important issue that happens often in the real estate. DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing blogs provide you more information on how to prevent real estate scams.

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