DC Fawcett Reviews On How To Price Your Home For Sale

Your home is a valuable asset for you! I repeat only for you! When you put up your home for sale in market, keep aside all your emotions and act as a seller. You can easily put a tag with high price but end up not selling your home for long days  –  DC Fawcett Reviews

What exactly happens when you overprice your home?

The simple answer is, your home will sit in market for long. That is what exactly happens when you expect high from your property. There is a big difference between profit and greed! DC Fawcett complaints that your house might have all the amenities but you have to price it from the buyer’s perspective. If your property goes unsold for extended period of time then it becomes disapproved.

Buyers may think that there is something suspicious about the home since it has not been sold for so long. This may delay the process more due to which you might have to reduce the price below market value. Then you cannot get any profit value from the house sale.

Can I price my home for below market value?

Sometimes you might have heard an advice to under price your home below the market value to attract more buyers easily. DC Fawcett reviews that it may backfire and the buyers may come to a conclusion that your house worth only what you have mentioned. Even if you negotiate with the buyer for better price, nothing happens and you may have to hustle through the process.

How to price my home for sale perfectly?

Find “comparables” in your neighborhood. Let me explain, find a home sold recently which is a perfect match for your home in your neighborhood. It should have same square foot, same size, bedrooms etc. and know for what price and how many months before it has been sold. Fix your price slightly above that price and put up your home price tag.

Many leading real estate websites has AVMs (Automated Valuation Model). These AVMs will have an algorithm which calculates the price of the home based on the comparables, land value and other factors. You just need to enter the address and location of your house which has to be sold and it will generate the price. You can refer such AVM prices before deciding on your home value.

Still, not sure about pricing your home?

The one go solution is to hire an affordable cum efficient real estate agent who can price your home accurately. They will analyze the home with their experienced eyes and valuate the property. The flaws and minor repairs in your home might not be a big deal for you but they will notice such things from the buyer’s point of view.

DC Fawcett complaints that after hiring a realtor, sellers accept their price blindly. Once they come up with the price and you are not satisfied with that, ask them on what basis they did the calculation. If they advise you to do some small repairs and renovation to get more value, then do it without hesitation. But don’t go for major renovation works as they might empty your pockets easily.

According to DC Fawcett reviews, with proper calculation and realistic profit expectation you can easily sell your home. Don’t wait with your home for long time in market. Try these guidelines by DC Fawcett and sell your house like hotcakes!


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