DC Fawcett Real Estate – Guidelines on selecting a listing agent


Your home needs to be sold? You cannot find potential buyers coming and visiting your property all by themselves. You need an agent to promote your property in a right way which is the work of a listing agent. Listing agent has different roles to play in real estate.

Dc Fawcett reviews explain on how to choose an efficient listing agent.

  • Hire an experienced and educated agent so that he can prepare the sale deed for the property, fixing price, negotiating with the buyer, promote your property.

  • Communication: he must be able to gather information from the buyer about his needs. So that the deal can be made in such a way that it impresses the buyer.

  • The listing agent must know about the locality in which your apartment is located. He must be able to with the information about the neighborhood. He should be aware if the location is not good. For e.g. theft, robbery, criminal surroundings. Enquire about the listing agent marketing strategies. Collect details like agent website, social media usage and details, reputation in real estate field, blogs and statistics.

Questions to be prepared by the buyers to ask the agent before the listing agent presentation

  • Is the agent a member of any association?
  • Broker fees /commission details
  • Any suggestions to improve your property before selling like does it need home staging, any repair and redesign needed?

  • Prospective buyers list if any
  • Enquire whether he can provide you with the buyers feedback about the property
  • How and when to contact? How and what will be the regular updates be like?

The listing presentation will have CMA / comprehensive market analysis. CMA is used to give a comparative study about similar homes and active listings, recently sold properties. The expertise knowledge of the agent should be able to promote and sell your property in short span of time.

The age old advertising like print media (news papers, magazines rental/selling column) can be another way to find potential buyers. Conducting open house is a way to welcome all the buyers in and around your surroundings to see your property.

Dc Fawcett complaints on listing agents

  • Do not choose an agent based on the commission. Often sellers choose an agent with lowest commission and his house stays in the market unsold for a long time.

  • Do not overprice your property; make an assessment from various agents and professionals to fix a price. If you find your listing agent price is highest, then he is trying to betray you.

  • Sellers usually save their dollars by not hiring an agent but that myth fails because a seller will almost spend same or more amount to sell his house like escrow, inspection and lawyers.

Pros of having a listing agent

  • Helps out in marketing and advertising on web.
  • Using pictures taken in various angles to promote in property portals.
  • Showing your property to potential buyers. Saves times for seller.


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