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Dc Fawcett Reviews – Benefits of joining real estate investing club

The first and foremost thing what DC Fawcett recommends the investors is to join a real estate investment club or group. DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club  is a club where you get to know about different areas of real estate marketing like virtual wholesaling through his blogs at free of cost. These blogs will enlighten your knowledge, the do’s and don’ts and how to invest effectively.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club

How to choose the club and what all to look out for?

The real investment club conducts meetings where all investors take part and discuss on the recent trends. Many clubs charge exorbitantly which is actually a scam; they are levied from investors in name of dues.  Look out for other services in the club, like what they do apart from conducting meetings. The club which provides maximum benefits should be chosen by an investor.

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How to start a real estate investing club?

Research and gather a group of investors with proficient knowledge in real estate, these professionals can guide the new investors.

Invest regularly,+ earn capital gains, and improve your leadership skills.


  • Find a REIC in your area, you can browse online and find it. Attend meetings and clear all your doubts. You meet experienced, new and mediocre investors; this blend will help you to gather lot of knowledge from each of their investing experience when you have a conversation. You can create even offline groups to have conversations on real estate.

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  • The investors can form partnership in these clubs. Some clubs offer extra benefits if you choose partners. This is a chance where you can find an investor with high credit score. This would maximize your investing strategies in many ways if choose him as the partner. Analyze the pros and cons of your club meanwhile. These groups will help you to find prospective buyers if you are selling a property and vice versa. You may get to know about investment packages and opportunities which are yet to exploit by you.

  • You get knowledge on how mortgage and other schemes can be availed. You learn real estate tricks and tips of investing. Don’t quit your regular job if you are working from 9-5. The club meetings can be attended on weekends. You can meet lot of reputed real estateagents whom you can hire when you are about to buy or sell homes.

    Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 3

  • If you want to have knowledge about commercial real estate, or any other area which you don’t have any idea. You can make use of the club members to learn about it. This club bridges the gap between the investors and professionals. Negotiation skills can be enhanced by getting tips from professionals. Market values, open house meetings and properties on sale updates can be obtained easily. This club brings together expertise from different fields.

Many would feel that lot of time and amount is spent, is it all worth? it all depends on how you make use of the club.

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DC Fawcett Real Estate – Overview On Real Estate Commission

We do hire real estate agents, but who pays them, how real estate commission works are things many might not know. DC Fawcett real estate throw light on the working pattern of the agents and brokers so investors will get an idea about it.


Real estate brokers hire the real estate agents and they get the income from sellers, buyers and whoever hires him. The income directly goes to the brokers first. These brokers pay the commission and sign the agreement with the seller. To start with, only a licensed agent will be able to receive commission.

Categories of real estate agents and percentage of commission
According to the agent’s experience, they get the commission from the broker.

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Newly joined agents will receive very little to maximum 40 % commission. There is deduction for the purpose of advertising, rental ads and office purpose.

Well experienced agents receive 100% commission and broker gets a part of it as well.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 11

Mediocre will have some fluctuating percentage of commission that is in between 40% to 80 %. Never pick an agent based on the rate of commission. Check for the experience, reliability and reputation.

How it works?

The lawyers involved in the deal will split the commission and distribute it to the seller’s and buyer’s agents which actually go to brokers first as per the tradition.

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Listing agent fee

The seller hires an agent for the purpose of finding a prospective buyer by marketing the home for him. So the agreement says that the seller is intended to pay a fee for the same to the broker. The fee is shared between listing broker and buyer’s broker. There is no standard custom whether a listing or buyer agent gets more commission as it differs from one region to other.

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Dc Fawcett complaints on real estate agents

If a house is not sold for a long time and remains in the market, the seller blames his agent first as he had spent on advertising and listing for so many weeks goes waste. This also happens with the buyer’s agent if they don’t find a house immediately. The seller and buyer don’t opt for hourly payment because of this drawback.

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Usually buyer pays the commission and it is negotiable, although all agents will not be ready for it. This can happen only with dual agency concept.

There are few situations when you can negotiate

Same seller and multiple listings
Market mobility
When an agent works for particular neighborhood and very familiar with the people, he might reduce the fee but he should be paid for his dutiful work without any doubt. Don’t always negotiate, you may not find a best agent then.

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DC Fawcett Reviews – Strategies on successful real estate investment

There are different ways to attain success in real estate marketing with many challenges put forth behind every investment. It does not happen on an overnight, you can taste triumph with well-defined goals.


DC Fawcett reviews on how to achieve success in real estate investment.

  • Joint ventures, virtual wholesaling, running property management companies are few ways of investing to earn profit.

  • Planning will help you to invest in such a way that you attain success in a steady manner which can avoid you from even minor setbacks and financial loss.

  • Vast knowledge on real estate marketing, investing strategies will help you fetch large returns easily. Stay updated with the economy trends so that you don’t fall back of breaking any law as it gets regulated now and then. Learn the legal and tax loopholes properly to refrain yourself from jeopardizing.

    Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 6

  • Reputation and ethical standards play a major role in real estate marketing, bad remarks can ruin your career and affect future investments.

  • Make sure that you learn about a particular market entirely that you know nook and corners of it and then you can move onto other areas to invest and earn gains.

  • Treating every other investor in the market is equally important and maintaining cordial relationship with your fellow investors in business is yet another important aspect. They can be your buyers, renters or any kind of associate. Ensure that all their complaints are rectified once it comes to your knowledge which will keep you in good books of other investors.

    Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 7

  • Taking risk is a part of this culture and successful real investors have taken many such decision and attained success. Beware before you take a risk by approaching other experts like real estate mentors, lawyers or you can create a group where there are people different expertise to support and advice on any decision taken while making investment.

  • Successful investors take the help of an accountant as tax comprises the major part of investment.

  • Cash flow is essential than fetching rental income on properties you invested which have no future appreciation. Reinvesting cash flow means gaining income from sold properties or investing on government properties will fetch you large returns.

    Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 8

  • Invest on properties after inspection, mortgage insured, pre approved for mortgage and take the help of reliable real estate agents who would give database of MLS.

  • Maintain good credit report by paying monthly payments on time and refraining from debt. Finding good renters who would be prompt on payments is a key to success.

There could be several scams while making real estate investment.

  • Title scam: The scammer uses fake documents to the buyer and makes him/her believe that the property exists, right after mortgage payment/security deposit is received, and he goes away.

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DC Fawcett Reviews – Solutions to the risks in real estate marketing


Risk is common in real estate investment and DC Fawcett reviews the risks and solutions for the investors who might come across while making an investment.

  • Location

The location of the property is very important as bad location will not attract the buyers to invest on the property. Bad location will make your property unsold or will be sold at a lesser price than expected.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 10

  • Valuation

The returns should be higher than the investment, if it is under-value it is considered to be bad financing.

  • Purpose of the investment

The investors should have clarity on what they are going to make the investment on. Many investors lack in this aspect and don’t know how to invest the large sum gained after the investment.

In case you are looking for how to invest the sum, here are the few methods that will help

Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 16

Types of investment

  • Buy and live : You can purchase a property for yourself and stay in the same place
  • Buy and sale : You can purchase a property and give it out for sale
  • Buy and rent : You can purchase the property and give it out rent

Giving out for rent/lease makes you a landlord, in that case you should have necessary skills to manage the repair, collect rent, and solve all the disputes that arise.

Each has its own pros and cons where you can study in depth in DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing blog.

Dc Fawcett Real Estate Club 17

  • Mortgage

Mortgage allows you to avail loan, but at the same time it has its risks involved when you fail to pay the monthly payment as it may lead you to foreclosure. The investors should keep in mind the monthly earning and calculate in such a way that he/she will not land in debt.

To avoid risk, ensure the following

  • Pay your monthly mortgage payment to the lender on time
  • Do not take loans that exceed your financial status
  • Have all your documents prepared and know the lender terms and conditions to avoid legal trouble.
  • Make use of mortgage calculator to know the best deal before meeting the lender.
  • How to choose a property for investment

As there are two ways to invest on a property, either on an entirely new constructed property or an already well established property. There are pros and cons for both but the following factors may help you out.

  • The newly constructed properties will have clear title, appropriate documents and will have the choice of customization for the investors. The risk involved are delay in possession, no information about the neighborhood, cost.
  • Before investing on the already constructed properties check for the ownership and documents.


Dc Fawcett virtual real estate investing club offers various blogs on real estate and virtual wholesaling where investors can read and gather information on current trends, different ways of successful investment.

The new online brokering is slowly evolving in real estate marketing. To know more, visit DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club where blogs are written for the investors to get enlightened.

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