DC Fawcett – How To Get Start In Virtual Wholesaling?

Real estate virtual is one of the lowest risks involved to begin. It is one of well-known ways for the new investors or I would say beginners to start with. The reason is you don’t need much funds or experience. DC Fawcett provides you certain tips to start virtual wholesaling.

What is real estate wholesaling?

Wholesaling is the terminology used in the real estate industry to explain the process of finding the best real estate deals and getting paid to bring them to real estate investors. However, it needs paper work to legalize it and make it more agreeable.

How to get started in virtual wholesaling

It is easy to become a virtual real estate investor as it is the easiest and fastest way to earn money with minimum risks. When you plan and structure your business systematically:

  • There is no need for you to personally buy the houses.
  • Don’t have to meet any buyers or sellers.
  • You need not have any knowledge about repairing houses.
  • Won’t need money to make down payments or deposits.
All it needs is:
  1. Hard Work

    Apart from hiring the real estate agents, you need to put efforts from your end. You need to build a good relationship and a rapport with the prospective buyers. You need to follow up on them till you finalize the deal.

  2. Perseverance   

    Even though you fail, it depends on your attitude how you take that failure. People either learn from their mistakes or give up. Perseverance is about the former one. The successful people keep trying till they succeed.

  3. Diligence 

    You should try to eliminate the mistakes that you have done in the past and try to do the same thing in a correct way. However, you may have to take some risks, but ensure that same mistakes are not repeated.

  4. Get your license

    To be on a safer side, it is advisable to get the license to do wholesaling. The other option to wholesaling is buying and selling the property.

  5. Using your common sense 

    The best thing to do more sales is taking the references from the person to whom you have signed the deal. You can contact them by phone or mail, by referring your buyer’s name to them. This is one of the smartest works; you can do as an investor.

  6. Mobile phone and laptop 

    Though cell phones and laptops are common, one needs to use them for virtual wholesaling. All that you need to do is to communicate with the prospective buyers through phone, email and chat for closing the sale.

  7. Go online and find motivated buyers

    Placing an advertisement online is also helpful to get genuine buyers. You can also look into online databases and tab through their references as well.



 DC Fawcett concludes that Virtual wholesaling needs more of smart work than hard    work. You need to choose your market and start locally at the initial stages.


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