DC Fawcett’ Fractional ownership and timeshare – The difference

One would be inclined towards ownership homes but ironically his financial suitation would not be favorable for him. Also there may be cases when the vacation property could not be utilized frequently to justify the expenditure. DC Fawcett says that Here we can see the role of timeshare; many buyers will be given access to the property but this is only for a defined span. The time period allowed will vary from one week to a couple of weeks in a year. The principal owner is still the owner of the property; the timeshare owner is just allowed to occupy the property for a short span.


Timeshare comes in various forms. Generally a fixed period (which can be a week or two) is bought and the location is decided upon. The other form includes schemes with points and these points can be utilized in a number of resorts. In fact few programs offer the benefit of carrying forward the points. And for those who wish to stay on longer vacations, there is the benefit of buying extra points. The property in terms of timeshare can be a condominium, apartment etc.

Fractional ownership

You may be investing in costly assets and fractional ownership is one such structure. Here you can also invest in vacation homes. In case of fractional ownership every owner of the property has ownership of a portion of the title. The deed is divided into various pieces. The difference between fractional ownership and timeshare is that in the former the owner can utilize the property for many weeks. When the fractional interest increases the cost of the property will also increase. Before signing your deed for fractional ownership ensure that you know about all additional fees. The ability to resell in fractional ownership is not as tough as timeshare.

In case of both timeshares and fractional ownership the owners expend on maintenance fees. They also pay for property tax and insurance. However, the property’s amenities determine the fees.

Timeshare and fractional owners should be cognizant of the frauds that take place in the timeshare and fractional ownership market. Nowadays people are having more exposure to these but still they need to be very careful. When you buy your dream property through fractional ownership just due to the reason that you cannot afford it you should look before you leap. Carry out your homework diligently and confirm whether it’s the only available alternative for you.

There are only lesser owners in fractional ownership and there is the benefit of having extended weeks per year to the owners. In fractional ownership the property can be utilized from a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of over 13 weeks in a year. Owing to lesser owners properties that fall under fractional ownership doesn’t get exhausted often.


You will be contacting a legitimate and experienced real estate professional for your real estate transactions. In timeshare and fractional ownership too you should do the same.

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