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Curb appeal is the exterior appeal of a home. It is important to have a good curb appeal in order to sell your home. Curb appeal reduces the time your home sits in the market. After all, first impression is the best impression isn’t it? It is an important part of home staging. Buyers feel attracted by the external appearance of your home. On the other hand, they will not think about buying the home if it has a bad curb appeal. For a deeper insight into curb appeal, read articles by Dc Fawcett on how to improve the curb appeal of your home – part 1 and 2 and also read Dc Fawcett ideas for landscaping curb appeal. In this article, Dc Fawcett reviews some basic curb appeal blunders.

An untidy and cluttered front yard

Some people leave the front yard cluttered during home showings and when it is in the market. They leave toys, hose pipes, buckets, uninstalled comboards and so on in the yard. This will be a put off for prospective buyers. This increases the time your home sits in the market and is one of the biggest curb appeal mistakes.

The neighboring house must be tidy too

The neighboring house’s front yard must be tidy too and an untidy neighboring yard drives off the buyer. So, you should politely request the neighbor to remove clutter and mow his yard. You can even offer him some support or help to do it. Ignoring the next door yard is yet another curb appeal mistake made by buyers.

Leaving the trim or the front door untouched

You can invest in painting the entire exterior and it is an excellent choice. But if you cannot do so, it is comprehensible since everybody cannot afford to paint the entire exterior. Therefore, you have to paint at least the front door and other peeled off parts of the exterior. This way, the buyer will surely be impressed by your home’s exterior. Leaving the exterior trim and the front door untouched is a significant curb appeal mistake.

Parking the car in the driveway

This is probably one of the most serious curb appeal errors. This is a put off for buyers for the following reasons

  • The photos taken with the car parked in the driveway are likely to leave the viewers thinking that this is how they too have to do it when they buy the home
  • Gives buyers the impression that the garage is really cluttered and that’s why the car is parked in the driveway
  • Buyers who come for open houses need privacy. A car parked in the driveway will make them think that the owner is around somewhere here.
  • Buyers who come for open houses are put off by more than 2 cars parked in the driveway since they don’t like competition.

This is the biggest curb appeal mistake that you can make.


These are some of the major and basic curb appeal mistakes that buyers can make. If you go through this review by Dc Fawcett before you sell your home, you can be on the safer side.

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