Sell My House Fast – Rent to Own Agreement

The majority of purchasers require a mortgage loan to buying a home in Chicago, and many find the requirements for approval difficult to meet. Circumstances beyond our control can derail the best-laid plans, leaving potential purchasers with a subpar credit score or a depleted bank account. These would-be homeowners, on the other hand, can take steps to meet the lender’s approval while continuing to pay rent and work toward their goals with careful preparation and patience. Rent-to-own agreements provide an alternative that allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of home ownership while also improving your financial standing with lenders, increasing your chances of loan approval. Continue reading to learn about the five advantages of buying a house in Chicago with a rent-to-own agreement.

No Waiting

The privacy and control of home ownership, rather than renting for a few more years as you work toward qualifying for a mortgage loan, is an appealing feature of buying a house in Chicago with a rent to own agreement. Rent to own agreements often allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of home ownership for one to three years under the conditions of a lease option contract.

Credit Repair

Qualifying for a mortgage loan comes with a slew of conditions, one of which is a set of credit scores and housing expense ratios. If you don’t have all of your credit ducks in a row, one of the benefits of buying a house in Chicago with a rent-to-own agreement is the time you have to correct any credit difficulties. Buying a House With a Rent to Own Agreement


Another advantage of buying a house with a rent-to-own agreement in Chicago is the ability to accumulate equity for a qualifying down payment with a lender. While most of these agreements have higher-than-average rent, a portion of the rent is applied as a credit toward the down payment. Furthermore, while the agreed-upon price for the property is sometimes higher than the current market value, home values frequently rise enough over the course of the contract to provide some immediate equity when you buy the property entirely.


The next advantage of buying a house with a rent-to-own agreement in Chicago is that you benefit from the payments you make, instead of paying down your landlord’s mortgage as a tenant. Furthermore, if the purchase price is less than market value, you will improve your status with the lender when applying for a mortgage.


Another advantage of a rent-to-own deal in Chicago is the lease-option contract. If you’d rather take the house for a test drive to make sure you’ll be pleased as a long-term owner, this arrangement provides you the option to buy the house when your lease expires; however, unlike a lease-purchase contract, you’re not obligated to buy the house. Our knowledgeable staff at We buy houses can explain all of the benefits of purchasing a home in Chicago through a rent-to-own agreement. Talk to a trustworthy expert from We buy houses today, and we’ll put everything on hold to listen to you so that we can fully comprehend your situation and provide you with the tools you need to easily overcome the obstacles in your path. Why not let the expert investors at My House Fast assist you in experiencing the pride of ownership and the security that comes with owning a home? Then let My House Fast assist you in finding the ideal home for your budget and evaluating your financing choices so you can begin living the American dream of home ownership right away. Don’t forget to inquire about our current inventory of Chicago rent-to-own homes.

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